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Manual Gear

Learning to drive a manual car is the preferred choice of most learners.

It is usually cheaper and once you qualified, you will also be able to drive an Automatic car without the need to change your license or take any further lessons (unless of course, you would like someone to go over the controls with you).


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Intensive Driving Course

Intensive lessons or Crash Course (as referred to sometime) gives you the opportunity to learn what you need to learn and become a qualified driver in a very short period of time.


Course can be as short as 5 days to 2-3 months, dependent on your availability and driving ability.

All our lessons are tailored to your needs and it is not different with our Intensive courses.


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Theory Preparation

Why the Theory Test


The Theory Test is designed to give you theoretical exposure to the Rules of the Road in order to gain an understanding of its application during your practical driving lessons until you qualified and become a safe driver.


The Theory Test is accompanied by the Hazard Perception which, as the name imply, will test your perception to potential hazards that could develop on whilst on the road.


The Actual Theory Test


Also known as the “The Theory and Hazard Perception Test” is a two parts based test, combining a multiple choice of 50 Theoretical Questions and 15 Hazard Perception video clips.


  • To pass Part One of the Theory Test, you must answer at least 43 of 50 questions correctly.

  • To pass part Two of the Theory Test, you must score at least 44 of 75 points on the Hazard Perception Test (each test is worth up to 5 points)


Both parts must be passed to successfully pass the Theory Test.


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When can you take the theory test?


You can take the theory test from your 17th birthday onwards.


You can take it from your 16th birthday if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).


Once Passed!

Once you’ve passed, your Theory Test Certificate Number will be used to book your practical Driving Test.

Your Theory Certificate is valid for 2 years from the day you pass your theory test. After that it expires and, if you have not taken your practical driving test during that time, you will have to take it again.


The following video illustrates the above


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For More Information Visit:         https://www.gov.uk/theory-test


If you still have questions or if you are unclear about any of the information provided here, please contact us or call us on 01375 and we will be happy to help!


Automatic Gear

Learning to drive an Automatic car is a possibility should you so wish.

It is not the most preferred choice of the average learner; however, it has its benefits, namely:

  • It usually takes a lot less time to learn, which means that

  • You can qualify a lot sooner and quicker than the average Manual learner would over the same period of training

Manual lessons are not particularly fit for everyone and so Automatic tuition can be an ideal solution for a group of Learners.


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Pre-Test Lessons

If you have a practical driving test book and for some reasons find yourself:

  • short of an instructor or

  • in need further help and assistance with it


Then we will be happy to help you with that.


Please see our Terms & Conditions below.



Terms & Conditions:

We require that you take a minimum of 7 practical hours with your assigned instructor.

This will:

  • first give us both a chance to meet, and get to know each other

  • give us enough time to better ascertain your level and requirement

  • thirdly give us a chance to help you the best we can, especially if you’ll need specific helps in some key areas


The first 7 hours will be charged at £30/h.


Any additional hours will be charged at the standard price of £27/h unless it is book as a block where the normal block discount will applied.

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